16-411-01 smartEducation Practicum (July 13 - August 3)

By Centre for Mindfulness Studies (other events)

Wed, Jul 13 2016 10:00 AM EDT Wed, Aug 3 2016 5:00 PM EDT

The 30-hour practicum provides participants with the opportunity to participate in the SMART program from the perspective of the facilitator. The practicum includes experience in guiding practices, as well as debriefing on the content and structure of the 9 session SMART curriculum.

Practicum Learning Objectives

  • Instruct educators in the principles and practices of SMART
  • Discuss and analyze the theoretical, philosophical, pedagogical, and scientific underpinnings of SMART
  • Examine SMART within the fields of Social and Emotional Learning
  • Foster a coherent, active internation- al network of SMART professionals

The Practicum in SMART is an in-depth training program offering you an opportunity to:

  • Immerse yourself in the smartEducation (Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques) program
  • Study the curriculum, program flow, and contextual and theoretical background of SMART
  • Inquire and reflect on a range of issues arising out of the experience and principles of SMART
  • Prepare and lead a seminar presentation that includes mindfulness practice, theory, and application
  • Familiarize yourself with perspectives on self-care, self- compassions, and mindful awareness inherent in the SMART curriculum.

Practicum Prerequisite
Completion of a 9 session SMART program as a participant.

Who Should Attend
Educators and those interested in becoming a SMART facilitator. The program is a requirement of the UBC facilitator certification process for SMART Facilitators.


July 13 - August 3, 2016 on Wednesdays

  • 10 am to 3 pm: SMART curriculum
  • 3 pm to 5 pm: SMART practicum

August 2, 2016 on Tuesday

  • 10 am to 3 pm SMART Silent Retreat

Heidi Bornstein and Stephen Chadwick


Please register at least two weeks in advance of the course/workshop date you wish to attend. Registration is limited. Please wear comfortable clothing.

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